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I cancelled yesterday because I decided I don’t need it anymore. was my off-site backup of my VPS at DigitalOcean, mails, my user’s Library folder on OS X and Dropbox.

If you don’t know, runs on FreeBSD and jails. Every account is actually a jail with very limited access (the less access, the better): rsync, ssh (no, you can’t log in ito your account through SSH) and a few other tools. You can access and mount with sshFS but that is not a real SSH access.

I learned from that rsync must run on both sides when you want to sync your files with a remote machine. showed me how must a real support look like.

And I think is the reason why I run FreeBSD on my dedicated server with jails on it today.

So, thank you,

PS: A tip: Demand a Hacker News discount if you are a new customer. You will save a lot. Because is not cheap.