Server's OS upgrade


I run FreeBSD 10.0 on this server and when FreeBSD 10.1 was released I thought that it would be ok to upgrade server’s OS.

I changed my mind. I think that the OS upgrade would be a bad idea. Why? Because nobody can guarantee that “freebsd-update” would work without any issue. Until I won’t find a way to check that the upgrade would work I won’t upgrade.

Speaking of FreeBSD, it lacks long-term support (FreeBSD needs something like Ubuntu’s LTS). Read what John Kozubik from wrote about this topic.

UPDATE 2015-01-02: It turns out that I made a perfect decision not to update my dedicated server to FreeBSD 10.1. Reading FreeBSD Forum I stumbled upon a post where a user had boot issues after FreeBSD 10.1 upgrade.

Reading FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE ERRATA I found this:

FreeBSD/i386 10.1-RELEASE configured with a multi-disk ZFS dataset (mirror, raidz1, raidz2, raidz3) may crash during boot when the ZFS pool mount is attempted while booting an unmodified GENERIC kernel.

Then the warning:

It is extremely important to take note that, by default, freebsd-update(8) will install the GENERIC kernel configuration, and as such, freebsd-update(8) consumers are strongly encouraged to avoid FreeBSD-provided kernel binary upgrades with such configurations.