Short history with Movable Type


Reading a few posts about Movable Type on Daring Fireball,, and Six Colors, I remembered my short history with Movable Type.

My first CMS on was Movable Type but very quickly moved to Octopress and after that to Pelican. I stayed with Pelican in the end.

The reason I ditched MT was that TextMate could not connect to MT. Most
of the posts published on were written in TextMate (the first posts I wrote in MT’s interface but I did not like the interface).

I love simplicity when it comes to running a blog. That is why I chose Octopress and Pelican. Both are simple static site generators.

Here is what I wrote about Pelican on

I use Jekyll on now. At some point I realized that Jekyll has more themes than Pelican and because I was looking for a new theme that would fit my needs I decided Jekyll would be a better option.

I think I made a good deal choosing Jekyll.