iPhone 6


My first iPhone was iPhone 3G. I liked it very much. The back was glossy and the phone felt softy. The camera did not have autofocus but I still made a lot of photos with it (a lot of the photos were out of focus and not very sharp, of course, but this did not bother me).

I sold 3G and bought iPhone 4. I saw iPhone 4 as a big step over iPhone 3G. Thanks to the new design and a camera with autofocus, it was a totally new mobile phone. Then I got my iPhone 5 which I still own. The 4 inch display was awesome. The phone was thinner and lighter compared to iPhone 4. Design-wise, it was a perfect phone.

This year, iPhone 6 was released.

iPhone 6 is the first iPhone I was not impressed by. It is faster and has a better camera (plus a lot of other things) but when I took it in my hands it felt just too big. The screen was too large. The icons were too large.

When I read a web page in Safari in landscape mode I had the feeling that the screen is too large and a single line with text would never end (I had the feeling I would watch a large TV from a very close distance to the TV).

When I saw iPhone 6 Plus with the white foreground I thought it is a Samsung with a cheap white plastic.

I really hope that rumors are true and Apple will make a new iPhone with the “old” 4 inch screen. Until then, iPhone 5 stays with me.