Update to the Server's OS upgrade post


I wrote about my decision not to upgrade my dedicated server to FreeBSD 10.1.

It turns out that I made a perfect decision not to upgrade to FreeBSD 10.1. Reading FreeBSD Forum I stumbled upon a post where a user had boot issues after FreeBSD 10.1 upgrade.

Reading FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE ERRATA I found this:

FreeBSD/i386 10.1-RELEASE configured with a multi-disk ZFS dataset (mirror, raidz1, raidz2, raidz3) may crash during boot when the ZFS pool mount is attempted while booting an unmodified GENERIC kernel.

Then the warning:

It is extremely important to take note that, by default, freebsd-update(8) will install the GENERIC kernel configuration, and as such, freebsd-update(8) consumers are strongly encouraged to avoid FreeBSD-provided kernel binary upgrades with such configurations.

I run a GENERIC amd64 kernel on my server (the CPU is an Intel® Xeon® E31245) and don’t know what would happen if I would run freebsd-update. But I think that there is a pretty big chance that my server would not boot anymore since I have ZFS on root with a mirrored pool.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an IPMI or KVM access to my server since an IPMI configuration from Hetzner’s market is too expensive for my budget (to
get the lowest price for used dedicated servers with IPMI search with “kvm” under Miscellaneous).

Not having IPMI access means that I have to be very cautious about what I do on the server. That is the reason why I avoid risky tasks on ther server (freebsd-update is among those tasks).