Rsyncing Jekyll [link]


New Year’s day and a new post after almost a year (354 days exactly).

I changed my Jekyll theme today to Lanyon.

I still have the old problem with publishing blog posts: how to make it as simple as possible (by that I mean that a post should appear here executing only a few commands).

I decided that rsync could solve this problem (for now). I found Nathan Grigg’s post Rsyncing Jekyll where he writes about his problem regarding Jekyll’s timestamps (I never thought about this issue with timestamps). His rsync advice is good to me so I will use it.

What if Dropbox would offer a SSH access with limited UNIX commands (with rsync among them)?

That would be nice.

You write a blog post, save it to Dropbox, login into Dropbox’s SSH and rsync Jekyll with your server (dedicated, VPS), execute jekyll build on the server and the post is up. Yes, it seems to be complicated but it is not. Here comes scripting. Incorporate that script into TextMate or login into Dropbox’s SSH with Workflow for iOS and from there execute the magic script. You can try Workflow for iOS with Jekyll (notice: this workflow did not work for me; the saved file with the blog post was a dot file with a strange filename).

If you wonder why did I mention SSH for Dropbox, the reason is this: you don’t need SSH access for Dropbox if you are at a computer but if you blog from a mobile device that access is needed - here I assume that you don’t run a Dropbox client on your server.

You say WordPress? Give me a break.