Moved to OVH


In 2014 I moved my website from DigitalOcean to Hetzner.

Last week I moved the website again, to OVH. I cancelled my dedicated server at Hetzner because I started using Backblaze as my backup service with rclone and did not need the dedicated server anymore. I paid 37 EUR per month for the dedicated server and so the yearly cost for it was pretty high. I decided to cut my digital costs as much as possible. Canceling the dedicated server was the first step.

To be honest, if you need a dedicated server, Hetzner’s used dedicated servers are pretty cheap. But you have to justify that cost you have with the dedicated server. At one moment I realized that I pay to much for the server and there are alternative options to have an off-site backup and a website.

So I chose OVH. It costs me 3,60 EUR per month.