Testing EagleFiler


I’m testing EagleFiler to find out if it could become the app that stores most of the important stuff I have on my Mac. I already imported 5500+ Pinboard bookmarks into EagleFiler. It took 12+ hours to import the bookmarks (EagleFiler downloaded the pages and created a Web archive of every page). EagleFiler also stores the Markdown files of this blog’s posts and soon I will import the Markdown files from my old blog redbin.in.

I was playing with the idea to replace nvALT with EagleFiler for my notes but it is hard to give up such a great, simple and clean app as nvALT. The same reason is why I didn’t start using Bear as my default notes app (with the sync option).

One thing I noticed during my initial testing of EagleFiler is that scrolling is not as smooth as I want it to be. Perhaps the code is not optimized and some future updates will fix it. But that’s not a reason to give up on EagleFiler.

UPDATE: Michael Tsai, the author of EagleFiler, said in a tweet that he is working on the scrolling speed.

Great to hear it.