Powerful 13 inch MBP


Apple must make a more powerful 13” MacBook Pro. My mid-2011 27” iMac has a more powerful CPU than a 2016 13” MacBook Pro (non-Touch Bar).

I just downloaded Gemini 2 and ran it to find duplicates on the 13” MacBook Pro. Among other files Gemini found a few Fujifilm RAW files and when I clicked on one of the photos to preview it it took some time to show the photo. I think it happened because of the slow CPU (but also remember the RAF is 50 MB big; do we really need so big RAW files, anyway?).

Apple must put a 4-core CPU into the 13” MacBook Pros to achieve high performance. I don’t want 10-hour-battery-life-on-the-paper advertising, I want pure raw power from this kind of a machine.

Look, a 13” MacBook Pro is a very mobile computer but when I connect it to an external monitor I want a desktop-ish performance without a question.

BTW, do I like the keyboard on the 13” MacBook Pro? It is not that bad for me, to be honest. Anyway, I’m one of those who prefer mechanical keyboards over everything but I can’t expect having a mechanical keyboard in a slim laptop. So … Apple make mechanical keyboards again please, I heard you made good ones in the past - photos.

UPDATE [2019-01-02]: Apple released 4-core 13” MacBook Pros on October 30 2018 but at the time of this update there is still no option for a 4-core CPU on the Escaped MacBook Pro.