Still Fan of HDDs


We have SSDs and NVMEs in our computers but I still like HDDs. The reason is big data. HDDs can hold a lot of data for a decent amount of money. I have 4 HDDs (2 TB per HDD) in the NAS running 247 with the total capacity of 3.67 GB (mirrored ZFS on FreeBSD). How much would I pay for SSDs with the same capacity? I think a lot. So I think that Google, Amazon, Microsoft and my current backup service provider Backblaze won’t give up on HDDs very soon because SSDs aren’t yet cost effective and it is hard to predict when can we give up on HDDs.

One thing that I don’t like when it comes to HDDs is noise. This is where SSDs have a huge advantage. But for now the cost of SSDs with big capacity hinders me to replace my not that noisy HDDs.