Apple Made New MacBook Pros


I wrote recently that Apple must make a more powerful 13” MacBook Pro.

Apple made new MacBook Pros.

But Apple did’t upgrade the non-Touch Bar version fo the 13” MacBook Pro. John Gruber writes that only the high-end machines with the Touch Bar have been updated. I get it that these updated MacBook Pros are high-end machines (in terms of Apple, of course) but I can’t be without an escape key. I tried the Touch Bar in a shop and I wasn’t impressed at all. I still like the physical keys in the first line of a keyboard.

Remember that the new MacBook Pros have a new True Tone technology in the Touch Bar and I am curious what does the Touch Bar look like now.

UPDATE (2018/7/18): I forgot to mention that the new 13” MacBook Pros have 4 core CPUs. Finally. And the Geekbench benchmarks look promising. More than 16000 multi-core score is really good but I have to find a blog post about how does the new 13” MacBook Pro really feel.