Mojave Clean Install


I upgraded macOS on my MacBook Pro to Mojave on the same day it was released. In most cases of macOS (Mac OS X) updates I made a clean install. This time I chose to go the simpler way and made an upgrade of macOS. I also hoped that with the upgrade my online banking would work again. I don’t know what exactly happened but I assume that upgrading to macOS 10.13.6 broke my certificate and online banking stopped working.

But I was wrong.

The upgrade did not fix my issue with online banking. So I had to make a clean install of Mojave hoping the certificate would work again. It did.

After this I realized that I don’t make any backups of MacBook Pro (yes, I did a backup before making a clean install of Mojave). So I set up Backblaze’s Personal Backup for Mac and downloaded Arq at the same time to use it with Backblaze’s B2.

I didn’t make yet the final decision which backup software will I use but for now Arq has some advantages over Backblaze’s Personal Backup.

My thoughts about B2? It is amazing and very affordable.