Mojave Update


Some update running Mojave on my 2016 13” Escaped MacBook Pro.

So far so good, no issues, the load is a lot lower when I open the lid compared to the a lot higher load in the same situation in High Sierra. To be honest, High Sierra was an awful version of macOS. I have to use High Sierra on the iMac because Mojave won’t run on my mid-2011 iMac.

I like the new Mac App Store in Mojave. And one great thing, I can play Braid in Mojave. If I remember correctly I couldn’t play it in High Sierra.

Not related to Mojave but I would love to see MagSafe on these newer MacBook Pros. USB-C is not a bad solution for powering/data transmission but a miss MagSafe.

And because of Mojave I use now Backblaze Personal Backup for Mac and Arq with Backblaze B2. When I upgraded my MBP to Mojave I realized that I need an online backup for it. Still making the final decision which solution I will use permanently but for now it looks better for Arq with B2.