iPhone Xr Too Big


I went yesterday to a local shop to check if they have the new iPhone Xs and Xr. Yep, they had them.

I always liked iPhone X and it is the same with iPhone Xs. It is a perfect phone to hold in my hand.

And then I tried iPhone Xr. And I didn’t like it because it is too big for my hand (I have small hands).

Rui Carmo about iPhone Xr:

Apropos John’s roundup, today I went into a store to try out the XR thinking there was a 70% chance of walking out with one, and was shocked at how large, heavy and unwieldy it actually is compared to my iPhone 6, even with its aluminum and glass body.

Pics don’t do it justice, nor does Apple’s comparison page—I can’t hold it comfortably to take a call single-handed, never mind using it for anything more complex, since it is much larger, thicker and heavier than the 68 form factor.

I couldn’t make an objective opinion about the weight of iPhone Xr because it was secured with a security cable and on its end was a piece of metal. But it is really thicker compared to my iPhone 8.