Pinboard Archive


I just checked my email archive to find out when did I create my account on Pinboard. It was in december 2010.

First of all, Pinboard is a great service for saving your bookmarks, and if you pay an additional yearly fee you get archived all yours bookmarks. Which is great because there are very good and useful websites but some of them just disappear after you bookmark them. Pinboard’s archive feature brings them back.

This year I decided not to renew the archive feature. The reason was that I started using DEVONthink and decided to have my own archive of websites I find interesting or useful. I’m a person who wants to control as much as possible when it comes to the digital world. That is why I like iCloud Photos Library more than Google Photos. iCloud Photos Library gives me with the macOS Photos app’s help the option to have stored my original photos and videos on my storage although I think that when it comes to search Google Photos is a little bit better than Apple (I just checked Google Photos and Photos on iOS and made a search for a few keywords and I think that Apple’s search is better than it was when iOS 12 was released but still behind Google’s).

I bought DEVONthink To Go 2 for iOS but on macOS I still use the trial version of DEVONthink Personal. The trial version counts the time you use the app (in hours). For now while in trial mode my workflow is simple: I just save the wanted website, wait to sync the database with iCloud and quit the app.

So DEVONthink (on macOS and iOS) is my new app for web archives and I already search for scripts and Alfred workflows to make it even a better app on macOS.