Headphone Jack


I miss the headphone jack, too. The other day a wanted to listen to podcasts on my iPhone 8 over my beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO headphone. Yes, my iPhone has in-ear headphone but using it for a while my ears hurt. So I picked my iPhone and after a few seconds I remembered there is a no-go: no headphone jack in my iPhone.

Yes, I agree that Apple made some good decisions by ditching some technology for a better one but getting rid of the headphone jack was not a smart move.

But I have an another problem: can’t find the Lightning to headphone adapter which came with my iPhone 8. So I have to buy a new adapter.

Speaking of DT 770 PRO, I have the 250 ohms version which has a heavy cord. If you don’t have a special need for the 250 ohms version, I highly recommend the 32 or 80 ohms version because that heavy cord is annoying.