Mail Client and Privacy


Here is the thing: I am more and more sensitive when it comes to privacy. I don’t like Facebook (I didn’t get rid of it yet but I plan to do that in the near future) and Google is not a big search engine, it is a big tracking machine.

The other day I came across the debate on Twitter about iOS mail clients started by @cabel who was checking out iOS mail clients. It’s a nice thread to read. There was a mention about Spark, the mail client I use on macOS and iOS, and thereafter I found out that Spark is saving the credentials on the server (I never read the terms of use because I dont’ have the time to do that :) ). This is a thing I don’t like. Only my mail provider should have my credentials and no one else. So I started looking for a new mail client for macOS and iOS. I didn’t delete Spark on iOS and macOS but I probably will do it if I find a good replacement for it. On iOS I use now Fastmail’s mail client.

For macOS I downloaded MailMate which is a really nice mail client. I’m using the trial version and will report about my impressions of it.