Lacie Rugged RAID Pro


I recently got a Lacie Rugged RAID Pro external drive. It has two 2 TB HDDs and it can be used in RAID0, RAID1 or JBOD mode. I use it in JBOD mode because the drive runs a ZFS mirror, in my opinion the best filesystem. I’m not a fan of software/hardware RAID because if something goes wrong it can be hard to get your data back. I use a ZFS mirror even on my NAS running FreeBSD (2 x 2-way mirror).

I chose the Pro version because the older non-Pro version has no option for JBOD mode and JBOD was a must for running a ZFS mirror.

I like the drive because it is very mobile for a RAID drive. It has a USB-C interface what is great since I use it on a 2016 MacBook Pro.

The noise is not disturbing (when operating), it gets warm on normal usage but it gets hot when I send a ZFS snapshot from the NAS to the drive. Right now I’m sending a ZFS snapshot from the NAS to the Lacie drive and after one hour of constant operating smartctl (on FreeBSD) shows that the temperature is at 52 C (the Lacie drive is connected to the NAS over USB 2.0; the transfer is slow, peaking at 17 MB/s). If you want to get temperature info on FreeBSD connected over an USB interface, you can do it with this command: sudo smartctl -d sat -a daX.

I have an another Lacie drive, it is a Lacie Rugged USB3 Thunderbol SSD drive and after 6 years it is still kicking as a boot drive on my iMac. So far, I had luck with Lacie drives.