Welcome Back, rsync.net


In 2014 I cancelled my rsync.net account. After more than 4 years I’m again an rsync.net customer. You may ask what is the reason?

At some point I realized that I need an offsite backup with ZFS support. Back in the days I ran my own dedicated server at Hetzner with mirrored ZFS but that server was an overkill for my needs. And the 1 TB account I have now at rsync.net (got an special offer) is cheaper than a dual drive Xeon server with ECC RAM which is a configuration I had at Hetzner.

The support at rsync.net is excellent as always. I first got an account for SSH/rsync access and a few hours later my ZFS account with zpool with root access was ready. Right at the start I couldn’t access my zpool because my ISP doesn’t support IPv6 (in 2019?). So I got an IPv4 address.

Which tools I use on rsync.net will be described in a new blog post.