ZetaWatch for macOS


ZetaWatch is a menu bar widget for macOS. I use it for importing my zpool on the external Lacie drive. There aren’t many macOS tools for OpenZFS but thanks to this blog post I found ZetaWatch.

The latest version of ZetaWatch at the time of writing this post is r14 which is built for OpenZFS OS X 1.9. The latest 1.9 version of OpenZFS OS X is a rc version (according to this tweet the version is rc1) so I don’t recommend to use the latest version of ZetaWatch until OpenZFS OS X 1.9 is released because ZetaWatch won’t work with prior versions of OpenZFS OS X according to this Github comment. I also recommend to read the release notes for ZetaWatch before installing it to avoid potential issues.

The official name for OpenZFS on Mac is OpenZFS OS X but this naming should be changed since Apple dropped the OSX naming and is using the macOS name.

And since r13 ZetaWatch supports pool exports.