You Will Get the New Dropbox


The news about the new Dropbox is almost 3 weeks old now. The dust has settled. A lot has been told about the new Dropbox. And life goes on.

If you are using Dropbox, you will get the new Dropbox, no matter what because you can’t disable Dropbox auto-updates. You can’t choose to stay with the old Dropbox, nope, you will automatically get the new one. I got confirmed on Twitter that Dropbox will atuomatically update to the new experience.

Fine. I get it. If I want to use your software, I must play by your rules.

But sometimes I have troubles with playing by the rules.

The first time Dropbox was weird to me was when Dropbox started to require glibc 2.19 for its Linux version. At the time, I ran Dropbox on my VPS which has CentOS 7. CentOS 7 comes with glibc 2.17 so Dropbox doesn’t work on CentOS 7 anymore.

The second time Dropbox is being weird is now with the new Dropbox.

I like native apps on macOS. Never liked running Java apps on my Macs, never. Or Electron apps.

So it seems that new Dropbox will be an Electron app basically. Is it so hard to write a native Dropbox for macOS?

But here come my rules: I have the right to choose not using Dropbox anymore. Maybe iCloud is an appropriate replacement for Dropbox.

UPDATE: 2019/07/06: I already got the new Dropbox.