Youtube in 4K


I checked today if you can watch a 4K Youtube video in Safari. You still can’t watch 4K Youtube videos in Safari. So I opened a 4K Youtube video in Google Chrome to watch it in 4K.

The Chrome process started using 250 % of the CPU on my 13” MacBook Pro and the CPU temperature increased to 60 degree Celsius rapidly (from 35). The remaining battery time dropped from 8 hours and something to 4 hours and something.

I was wondering if the VP9 codec requires so much CPU power or Chrome as a browser needs a lot more CPU power than Safari.

Chrome has the biggest usage share but to me is Chrome a really bad browser. It is using too much power on the MacBook Pro, then there is tracking (do you really believe that Google is not tracking you even if you disable tracking?).

Safari is my default browser ever since I got my first Mac. I can’t say that Safari in 2008 when I got my first Mac was the best browser but since then it improved a lot so I can say that it is a really solid browser.