Sync iPhone with Linux


Ruben Schade has a special wish: syncing your iPhone with Linux because he could then port the syncing to FreeBSD, the OS he is using.

FreeBSD is very special to me, too. I run a NAS on FreeBSD, is running on FreeBSD and my storage (a VM) at is running FreeBSD with ZFS.

I think Apple won’t support Linux or any other OS in the near future until he is making macOS. Windows is an another story because it has the biggest market share among operating systems so you can’t put Windows in the same bag with other operating systems.

As is Ruben hoping for syncing with Linux I have another big wish: ZFS integration into macOS (what will probably never happen). To me, ZFS is the best filesystem ever existed. Every Apple device I own boots from APFS, yes, but I would put my Macs on ZFS if ZFS boot on Macs would be an easy setup.