I'm making more and more videos in 4K (just checked if I take videos on my iPhone in 4K; realized that I was taking them in 1080p). My Fujifilm camera is used for making videos in 4K@60. At this resolutin and FPS my mid-2011 iMac can't handle these videos anymore (slow CPU/GPU). Even the thumbnails of 4K videos taken with the Fujifilm camera are burned out in the Photos app under High Sierra (UPDATE: When I move the mouse cursor over the thumbnail, it is exposed correctly. But still, the Fujifilm 4K video plays slow in the Photos app).

So I started checking the rumors about a new iMac. My iMac served me very well, it is still a decent machine for most of my needs (hey, I can still play Call of Duty on it since it is running High Sierra which can run 32-bit apps). But it shows its age when I play 4K/HEVC videos and can't run the latest version of macOS, Catalina. I think that Catalina is the worst version of macOS, released in the recent years but I'm not happy using the Photos app under High Sierra and not having the latest features of the Photos app. And remember, I also had to skip Mojave on my iMac since High Sierra is the latest version of macOS I can run on the iMac.

I hope that when a new iMac comes out it will have the new AMD Navi GPU. These GPUs are faster in 4K/8K decoding/encoding compared to the GPUs in the current version of iMacs. I watched a few videos on Youtube about the new 16-inch MacBook Pro which has the new Navi GPU and the benchmarks were very good, even when compared to the VEGA 20 GPU. So I decided that I will skip the current version of the iMac (iMac19,1 and 19,2) and wait for the new one hoping for the Navi GPU.

One thing I would also like to see in the new iMacs is an AMD Ryzen CPU. AMD is doing a really good job with the Ryzen CPUs. But I think Apple will stick to Intel.

That brings us to competition. What would the digital world look like if there would be no competition? Imagine the world without Apple or its iPhone? And what would the digital world look like if iPhone would not have competition from Samsung and others?