Fujifilm Camera Remote import


I noticed yesterday that a few of my videos I imported from the Fujifilm X-T3 with the Fujifilm Camera Remote app to my iPhone have the name tmpMovie.mov.

I don't know what happened but I won't import videos to my iPhone anymore. Because I want to preserve every metadata that the original file keeps. In the Photos app of macOS you can search by filenames and this is very handy when you just type the filename of a photo or video to check if it is already imported.

The Fujifilm app works with the X-T3 a lot better and faster thanks to bluetooth than with the X-T2. Establishing connection with the X-T3 is simpler than it was with the X-T2 since you don't need to select X-T3's wifi on the iPhone.

But Fujifilm must make the transfer speed faster. When I compare the transfer speed of my X-T3 with the speed between my MacBook Pro and iPhone over AirDrop I see that there is still a lot space for improvement on Fujifilm's side. A lot.

Want to hear something about X-T3's video capability? That is for an another post but only I can say now is: it is crazy.