After I moved to OVH in 2017 I have changed my VPS provider again. Now I'm using Linode. It wasn't OVH's fault to make this step, it was mine. I was running CentOS 7 on OVH and wanted to upgrade to CentOS 8. The upgrade went more or less fine (had to use different how-tos to successfully upgrade the CentOS system) but when I wanted to boot the new system GRUB didn't find the correct kernel. Launched KVM to check what was happening. I think I could manage to solve the issue but I thought this is maybe the time to try Linode. So I canceled OVH.

I used the promo code from John Gruber's The Talk Show for $20 and after a few minutes I was running a Linode server.

I think OVH's latency was better than is Linode's. But I like Linode's control panel way more than OVH's. I was confused every time where to look in OVH's control panel when I wanted to manage an issue.

But nothing compares to's latency when I'm typing in the command line of my ZFS VM. It feels like I would typing in the command line of my local machine.