QuickTime Player is my Simple Tool


I like simple tools that make their job fantastic.

One of these tools is QuickTime Player. I take videos with my Fujifilm camera in 4K with the HEVC codec. Unfortunately, my 2016 13” MacBook Pro does not play those videos smoothly. That is why I convert the videos to full HD (1080p) with the H.264 codec.

I open the original Fujifilm video in QuickTime Player and under File -> Export As I select 1080p to export the original video to 1080p. When I open the exported video, it plays smoothly on my MacBook Pro.

There is another nice tool for video encoding, HandBrake. I don’t use it anymore for encoding because when I encoded an original Fujifilm video (in 4K and HEVC) with HandBrake’s preset the audio in the encoded video did not sound correctly. It could be that there are some tweaks to be done in the preset to get a correct sound but I did not bother with HandBrake to solve this issue and rather chose QuickTime Player to export my videos.

The 1080p videos are uploaded into iCloud Photos and the original 4K videos are stored on an external drive (ZFS mirror). The entire external drive is also stored in the cloud and on a NAS. You know: backup, backup, backup.