iPhone Battery Health


I own an iPhone 8 that I bought in October 2017. Battery’s maximum capacity is at 83 %. You may think that it is not that much low but the battery health feels disproportionately worse than it was at 89% or 86 % (I remember these numbers by checking the battery health from time to time).

The current battery health is worrisome because the battery percentage drops significantly when I make phone calls or listen to podcasts. The percentage drops drastically when I’m outdoors and it is cold (and this year’s winter isn’t especially cold).

So it seems that I will have to replace the battery soon. And this leeds me to a question: when will Apple release the rumored iPhone SE 2? Is it smart to replace the battery in my iPhone or wait a little to get the iPhone SE 2?

I like iPhone 8’s form factor (the form factor of the iPhone 5 is even better; put in an edge-to-edge display and I get the perfect phone) but the iPhone 11 Pro is a horsepower.

Or is it even better to wait for iPhone 12 and buy an iPhone 11 when Apple drops its price? Too many questions to answer.